A Quest Of Knights Onrush

A Quest Of Knights Onrush 1.1.1

Two finger flicking games in one


  • Easy to play
  • Two games in one


  • Hack and Slash game feel unfinished


A Quest Of Knights Onrush actually gives you two games in one. First is the Promo game, a hack, jump and slash arcade game, and second is a high speed tower defense game.

The new promo Quest A Quest Of Knights Onrush is a fast paced, and slightly awkward game. You have a basic control pad set up on screen, so movement is with the left thumb, and jump and slash buttons sit on the right. The point of this is to get as far as possible, avoiding fire spikes and projectiles, while hacking at enemy knights.

The graphics are bright and everything moves really well, although the pseudo 3D makes errors too easy. If you jump on a Spiked obstacle, it's really hard to escape, and it's often hard to avoid with the sensitive and slightly unpredictable controls.

The second game is better. You have a castle to protect from an onslaught of knights, soldiers and more. You do this by flicking them away with your finger! It's simple, but there are some upgrades, like fireballs, cannons, and even a hook to hang enemies on - they then get eaten by a dragon! This is tower defense at it's fastest, and least subtle, but it's an enjoyable casual game.

A Quest Of Knights Onrush is a mixed bag of intense gaming, but one that is pretty fun all the same.

A Quest Of Knights Onrush


A Quest Of Knights Onrush 1.1.1

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